Project Palaash launched a new collection of Handicrafts called ‘Zarf’, under the aegis of Banni Handicrafts.

We provide them with extensive training by improving their skillsets to become self-sufficient social entrepreneurs. Furthermore, a mature financial understanding is imparted to our beneficiaries by allowing these community members to handle their operations, income flow, and resources effectively. 

Zarf is ingenuity—finding beauty in the ordinary. Carrying forward these qualities is the owner—Samat Devraj—leading a team of 300 artisans. The team has been involved in the creation of diverse products, ranging from mats, yoga mats and table mats to cushion covers and mattresses, all perfected by the skill of over 20 tailors working meticulously to stitch and bring the designs to life. The motto of the community is to promote sustainability with their craft, which is why all their products are made with cotton.


The artisans have been working ardently for more than 25 years to evolve their craftsmanship. They belong to the weaver community of Vankars in Gujarat and have had generations of skilful workers.  Their crafts are well known not just locally, but have reached metropolitans as well. They have expanded their presence by tying up with renowned corporations like FabIndia as well as NGOs in Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Surat.