The prestigious Project Palaash under Enactus Aryabhatta recently launched a brand new collection of handloom cotton duppatas ,”Vannat” which is an embodiment of the exquisite heritage and culture of the weavers of Gujarat. 

Vannat is an avant garde collection, focusing on the synergic collaboration between project palaash and loom key from kutch. 

Loom key is owned by Shri Babubhai Ladhubhai Padhiyar, a learned man having an enriching experience of 25 years in the weaving and handloom  industry.

The driving force of this collaboration was the upliftment of the weaver communities of Vankars and Padhiyars, shedding light on their prowess and taking them forward with our business plan.

The dexterous team comprises a total 30 people, of whom 15 are men and 15 women, maintaining a healthy sex ratio in the workforce and utilising women’s skills as well to their fullest potential. 


They have been continuing their artisanship for more than half a century, passing their expertise generation after generation. 

The family that started it all has 17 members, all of whom worked to preserve their art and are well versed with all weaving techniques. 

They are leaving no stone unturned in supplying their fabrics all over Kutch.