The Handloom culture of Indian has been the pride of the nation. It has not only mesmerised the eyes of beholders but has also given a majestic attire to its users. Talking about Indian handwoven fabrics sends us a few millennia back. Its history can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization in 3000 BC where traces of handloom and spinning were found upon excavation. The beauty and lusciousness of Indian handloom fabric has been compared to woven air, running water, and morning dew by poets over time.

We provide them with extensive training by improving their skillsets to become self-sufficient social entrepreneurs. Furthermore, a mature financial understanding is imparted to our beneficiaries by allowing these community members to handle their operations, income flow, and resources effectively. 

The advent of British culture dragged the Indian handloom industry through a dark phase and India was reduced to the meagre status of exporter of raw materials. They disrupted the exports of Indian handloom clothes by imposing heavy export duties. Moreover with the introduction of machines, the labour intensive Indian handloom industry was brutally hit.   However, during India’s struggle for Independence in the early 1900s, Mahatma Gandhi introduced Khadi as a weapon of Satyagraha to offer concrete expression to the Swadeshi spirit. With this, Indian handloom regained its life. At present, the legacy of Indian handloom and artistic work is immensely admired around the world.
India is a land of wonders seeped in its rich history and diverse culture. Every speck of our land is adorned with artistic masterpieces of vibrant cloth and enchanting designs of handloom art. Indian fabrics are so enticing that they are proudly displayed by top notch fashion designers from over the world. Traditional textiles that are indigenous to Indian have won their way into the hearts of millions of men, women and even international fashion designers. With new initiative the future for the Indian textile industry looks promising.
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