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Project Palaash – an endeavor to safeguard the environment by utilizing floral waste by formulating organic dyes. These organic dyes are used on fabrics that endorses the trend of fashion by merging art and environment conscience into an innovative production. To further our diversification, Palaash caters to a larger community by venturing into eco-friendly campaigns to foster and promote sustainable measures!  

With the festive season on the horizon, our customers can enjoy the colors of Palaash through our new campaign “Abir” which endorses the trend of sustainability by the creation of organic Gulaal! Through these organic Gulaal, we have treasured every bit of Palaash’s experience to revive the spirit of festivities and to rejoice in the glory of the festive season of Holi. We bring to you this campaign that is flourishing with the vibrant colors of Abir promotes a coalescence of ethnic culture and environmental conscience under the trend of #ChangeTheWayYouCelebrate. 

In these times of uncertainty and despair, helping each other out is essential, we as a community thrive on collective efforts. This campaign was successful with the collaborative efforts of the Prabhaav Foundation that aims on benefiting thousands of lives through multiple welfare projects on Education, Healthcare, Environment, and Road Safety across many states of India. With their dedicated team of women beneficiaries, we manufactured the product with a standardized procedure and well-defined hygiene module with eco-friendly packaging.  

Our integrated communication network and our unwavering commitment to ensure timely deliveries and delivery on demand have been appreciated by our customers to revive the spirit of festivities and to rejoice in the glory of the festive season of Holi. The efficiency in the working of our team together marked the success of this campaign ‘Abir – Change The Way You Celebrate’.

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